Dining in PA

Pennsylvania offers plenty of options for dining in PA on a vacation, family getaway, golfers weekend or girlfriend's shopping break.

Grab a tuna fish sandwich at a deli. Give in to your love of veggies at a salad bar.

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee at a coffee shop along with a piece of pie.

Diners seem to offer the best homemade food, so be sure to visit one of these in our state.

Quakertown PA is located in southeastern PA in the Philadelphia area.

The restaurants in this town offer everything from chain restaurants, to Italian restaurants offering pasta, pizza and salads to Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

There's seafood restaurants and fast food chains for the kids.

Rochester PA is located in southwestern PA near the Ohio border.

Stop in a cafe for a refreshing salad or sub, take the kids to a fast food restaurant to satisfy their cravings, or try a locally owned restaurant for some good home cooked meals and homemade pie for dessert.

rice on plate

Or find a restaurant in the Reading area after a day of shopping with your girlfriends and unwind with good food, good friends and a days worth of great bargains!

The restaurants below can be found in the cities that begin with the letters Q and R.

The town names let you see a list of restaurants in that city.

Find Restaurants to Eat at In:

We hope you find lots of tantalizing new favorite foods on your visit to the Commonwealth.

We love our variety of foods, so we hope you'll find a new favorite place to eat at that you will be able to stop at again when you come back to visit.

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