Dining In Pennsylvania


Options for dining in Pennsylvania for vacationers, new residents and long time residents offer a nice selection of restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants and coffee shops throughout the state.

From bagels at breakfast to sandwiches and salads at lunch to dinner served indoors or outdoors, every person will find food that they enjoy in the state.

Erie is one of the larger cities in PA and offers plenty of culture, shopping and outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Stop at a local deli for some hoagies, chips and sodas to take to Presque Isle State Park for the day.

The kids will love the sand beaches, the lighthouse and the sun sparkling off the water of Lake Erie.

After a day at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, there's fast food for the kids, family restaurants the whole family can enjoy together, chicken and ribs eateries, Italian restaurants, and Japanese and Chinese places to eat.


Or get the family up early and head to a local breakfast buffet before you head out to see the sights.

The cities below begin with the letter E.

City and town names go to a page that lists the different restaurants located in that town.

Find Places to Eat in:

With so many sights to see and things to do in the Commonwealth, you'll want to make time for visiting the area restaurants.

You won't get bored with the nice variety of foods that can be found in every corner of the state.

If you can find a diner to eat at, you'll want to stop by one at least once when you are in PA. The food is unsurpassed.

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