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On a vacation to Pennsylvania, there are a lot of PA restaurants to dine at, with a nice selection and variety of cuisines.

Everyone will be able to enjoy something delicious to eat in PA as there are many types of restaurants to explore.

There's something for every taste bud!

If you're looking for Gettysburg restaurants, Harrisburg restaurants, a Reading restaurant or cafes, fast food places or delis, Pennsylvania offers all that and more.

Chinese lovers will find plenty of establishments along the way along with Japanese cuisine, Italian restaurants, Greek, American, and so much more.

Foodies unite and try different places to eat then decide which place gets the 5 star rating on your trip.

PA buffets offer soups, salads, veggies and desserts so help yourself to seconds or thirds!

Dine in PA dutch country and feast on some tasty Pennsylvania dutch recipes.

Homemade Amish food is something you should try if you plan to visit Dutch Country.

And, don't forget to splurge on a piece of homemade cake or pie, too.

PA restaurants hamburger on a white plate with a white napkin, knife, fork, glass of soda, ketchup and mustard

During the summer, dine outside and watch the world go by as you enjoy Pennsylvania food at its finest.

The restaurants are categorized alphabetically according to the first letter of the city name.

If you're looking for Bellefonte restaurants to eat at on your PA vacation - the "B" will take you to all the cities that start with that letter.

Heading to Scranton? "S" will take you to the cities in PA that begin with that letter.

Each city name lets you find restaurants located there.

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N - O | P | Q - R | S | T-U-V | W-Y-Z

Enjoy eating in PA and enjoy a fun PA vacation getaway!

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