Sports In Pennsylvania

Sports fanatics can find a variety of sports in Pennsylvania.

There's college, semi professional and professional teams that play throughout the year around the state.

Pennsylvania has two pro football teams and two pro baseball teams.

They also have some semi pro baseball teams located in different areas of the state.

There are also professional hockey teams and one pro basketball team along with professional soccer.

Pittsburgh has a good variety of sports teams, but one sport they lack is a professional basketball team.

You'll have to head to Phillie to see that sport in action.

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The professional football teams are the Steelers and Eagles.

The Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers players play home games at Heinz Field. The Philadelphia Eagles play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field.

PA's Major League baseball teams are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Pirates' home games are played at PNC Park while the Phillies call Citizen's Bank Park home.

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Pro hockey teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Pittsburgh Penguins schedule usually includes a nice amount of home games fans can attend.

The Flyers play home games at Wells Fargo Center, and the Penguins play at Mellon Arena.

We have listed 4 college football teams - the Nittany Lions, Panthers, University of Pennsylvania Quakers and Temple Owls with some information about the teams.

Minor league baseball is popular in PA and is played during the regular baseball season.

Other sports include the Pocono 500 race, the Tour De Toona and professional soccer.

If you're looking for NBA team names in PA, the only one you'll find is professional basketball team the Philadelphia 76ers!

Football and baseball are two very popular sports in the state, including high school football.

Enjoy watching a game or two on a Pennsylvania sports vacation!

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