Tourist Attractions In Pennsylvania - Lake Erie Region

Stop by one of the tourist attractions in Pennsylvania located in the Lake Erie region on a vacation .

Visit a refuge for animals, take a train ride, enjoy chocolates and more!

This area is best known for the shores of Lake Erie. Catch a beautiful sunset over the water.

The lake has a sand beach, and you'll want to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse there.

This is a nice area for beach vacations if you can't make it to the ocean.

Both kids and adults will enjoy a kingdom full of chocolate!

Pick a few boxes to take home as a momento of your vacation to Pennsylvania.

Crawford County PA

Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad
Perry St
Titusville PA

June-October weekends with occasional weekdays.

Enjoy a train ride throughout the Oil Creek Valley!

There are special events and excursions scheduled throughout the year including around Christmas and Easter.

Take a ride over one of the holidays for an even more special experience.
Titusville PA Hotels

Lake Erie PA lighthouse as the sun is setting leaving a brown, peach and gold sky

Erie County PA

Erie Land Lighthouse
Lighthouse Road
Erie PA
Erie PA Hotels

Erie National Wildlife Refuge
11296 Wood Duck Lane
Guys Mills PA 16327

A nice area for both kids and adults alike. Animals lovers will want to stop by here.

  • Events throughout the year
  • Nature trails
  • Bird observation area in Visitor Center

Mercer County PA

bird observation center in Erie Pennsylvania refuge center yellow warbler

Daffin's Chocolate Kingdom
496 East State St
Sharon PA
724-342-2892 or 877-323-3465

Mon-Sat 9 AM-9 PM, Sundays 11 AM-5 PM

Enjoy chocolate samples and large chocolate sculptures including animals and a village.

Great for all members of the family.

The Avenue of Flags
Hillcrest Memorial Park
2619 East State St
Hermitage PA 16148
Hermitage PA Hotels

Open all year.

There are 444 flags representing the American hostages held captive in Iran from 1979 to 1981. There is also a chapel, fountain and pond.

Have fun visiting the Erie region attractions!

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