Towns In PA

Different towns in PA offer different sights to see, different things to do and even regional diversities in food.

Pennsylvania cities vary from big and urban to country and suburban towns.

You'll get a different vibe from one part of the state to the next.

The northern area offers more wilderness while the western and eastern parts of the state offer a more populus and urban feel.

Each offers various recreational opportunities depending on the tastes of the vacationers.

Maybe you want to do some shopping at the Dubois mall and learn more about the town.

Or you're curious what the Pennsylvania weather is like in that part of the state at a certain time.

Or you're not sure what the Pennsylvania sales tax rate is and what purchased items are taxed.

Visit the city visitor's pages below to get a sneak look at that town.

You'll find Denver in Lancaster County in Amish country. This is close to Gettysburg.

Doylestown has some nice historical sites to see. Drums is located in northeast PA while Drexel Hill is located about as far south as you can go in the state!

autumn tree with yellow and orange leaves in Pennsylvania fall

Dingmans Ferry is in northeastern Pennsylvania. This area offers some spectacular water falls you won't want to miss.

All cities and towns begin with the letter D and each city takes you to its page.

Have Fun Visiting:

We hope you return to our state to explore areas you weren't able to see the first time.

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